Terms and Conditions – July 2019

It is very important to read Arthur Kaplan’s online shopping terms and conditions as, in our check out process, you will be required to tick that you have read and understood “Online Shopping Terms” before you may proceed with payment.

If you have any questions regarding our Services, the Online Shopping Terms, products or services, please feel free to contact us on 011 669 5600.

Online Registration

You are required to register with us before placing your first order online. Please click on Register to complete the registration form. Registration and/or use of our online shopping services constitutes your acceptance and agreement to be bound by the Online Shopping Terms.

To register, you will be required to provide certain personal information including personal and payment card details, as well as an email address and password. Please keep your personal information secure.

We accept no liability for any damages suffered or losses incurred from the unauthorised use of your personal information.

You will be required to enter your email address and password each time you visit our online shopping site. To amend any of your details, please go to My Account.  For more details on how we collect and use your personal information, please review our Privacy Protection below.

Product Sales and Availability

All products displayed on our website, mobi site and subsequent apps are subject to availability and will be delivered only within the Republic of South Africa and to areas where we deliver. All prices shown on our website, mobi site or subsequent apps are quoted in South African Rands and are valid and effective only in the Republic of South Africa. We reserve the right to discontinue or change the specifications of our products and services from time to time without notice. We will inform you as soon as possible if any of the products or services you have ordered are not available.

Colours and Items Displayed

We have made every effort to ensure that the colours of the jewellery and watches that appear on our website, mobi site and subsequent apps display as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colours you see will depend on the device that you use to access our website, mobi site and apps, we cannot warrant that your device’s display of any colour will be accurate.  All jewellery displayed on our website may be enlarged to show detail and may not be the actual size when purchased.  All information, however, in terms of metal, carat size, diamond etc. next to each product description is 100% accurate.

All pendants are sold separately unless otherwise stated.  Images of pendants with chains are for display purposes only.

Content Errors

We regret that no order will be accepted if we identify a material error in the description of any of our goods or services or their prices on our website, mobi site and/or subsequent apps.

Gift vouchers

Arthur Kaplan Gift Vouchers may be purchased online and are only redeemable at Arthur Kaplan stores in the Republic of South Africa.  An Arthur Kaplan Voucher cannot be used to purchase jewellery online.


You will be charged the prices that are reflected on our website, mobi site and/or future apps, subject to availability and delivery address. Prices and promotions may vary depending on whether you have access to our services via our website, mobi site or apps. The prices include Value-Added Tax (VAT). Special promotions may be subject to certain conditions, including stock availability and limited offer stipulations. Special promotions apply only to items on your original order (i.e. not on items which are added after the order was placed.) Delivery is free of charge.

Agreement of Sale

Placing an item in a shopping basket or adding it to a wish-list without completing the purchase cycle does not constitute an agreement of sale between Arthur Kaplan and the user and users cannot hold Arthur Kaplan liable if such items are not available when the purchase cycle is completed later and/or constitute an order for such an item.

An agreement of sale between Arthur Kaplan and a user only comes into effect when a card authorisation is received from the issuing bank, or a written approval by Arthur Kaplan confirming EFT funds have been received.

Arthur Kaplan reserves the right to cancel orders in whole or in part as circumstances dictate.  Arthur Kaplan shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by the buyer.


When you place your order, funds equal to the total value of your order will be deducted against the card you are paying with during the checkout process. To allow for any possible product substitutions, payment will only be affected once your order is ready for delivery.

For EFT payments, you will be required to deposit your money into:

Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: Arthur Kaplan (Pty) Ltd
Account No: 51420133781
Account Type: Cheque
Branch No: 260950
Branch Name: Weirda Valley
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: [Your Order Number]

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Arthur Kaplan (Pty) Ltd
Account No: 01920590
Account Type: Cheque
Branch No: 01920590
Branch Name: Sandton
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: [Your Order Number]

Bank: ABSA Bank
Account Name: Arthur Kaplan (Pty) Ltd
Account No: 1056910103
Account Type: Cheque
Branch No: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Reference: [Your Order Number]

Once your funds have been cleared, your order will be expedited.  EFT payments not received in our bank account within three working days will be cancelled.

Payment methods

Card payments

At the time of placing the order, the transaction details are presented to the bank and an authorisation is obtained for the order.

Payment is collected when the order is placed and before the goods are shipped.

Note that to protect its own and the interests of customers, Arthur Kaplan scrutinizes all transactions very carefully to prevent attempted fraud and a transaction may be refused if Arthur Kaplan is not satisfied with its legitimacy.

Stock Availability

We cannot always guarantee stock availability and will endeavour to either obtain stock from an Arthur Kaplan store or source the items from our suppliers.  We will immediately advise you of this and advise delivery times of the requested item.

Confirmation of Orders

Your offer is deemed to be accepted when you receive an order confirmation.  All orders received on a weekend will be processed on the Monday.

Customer Service

Email address: [email protected]

Telephone number:  011 669 5600

Transaction currency

All transactions will be in South African Rand ZAR, and deliveries will only be within the Republic of South Africa. All transactions converted to South African Rands will be expedited at the current exchange rate of the day and may differ due to currency fluctuation.

Export Restrictions

Online sales and deliveries will only be within the Republic of South Africa.

Country of Domicile

Arthur Kaplan head office and country of domicile is

Address: PO Box 784429, Sandton, 2146

Credit Cards payment accepted

Master and Visa only

Arthur Kaplan is a member of the Jewellery Council

Arthur Kaplan is a proud member of the South African Jewellery Council and adhere to their code of ethics.